Core Conditioning

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Duration: 36:28

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Lindsey Bomgren leads this core conditioning workout that will tighten your tummy and tone your abs, creating a stronger core and a better body. Chris Freytag will help out with modifications throughout the workout to meet you where you are in your fitness journey. Adding ab work onto some yoga-inspired movements, you’ll get both conditioning moves in addition to yoga stretches that lengthen and strengthen. There’s no equipment needed for this bodyweight-only workout, meaning you can do it anywhere, any time.

You’ll begin your core conditioning workout with a warm up to wake up your muscles. You’ll move through several yoga poses including upward and downward facing dog to open up your body and give it a nice stretch. Then you’ll perform moves like runner’s lunges, hip circles, and side planks to further warm up your muscles and joints. Child’s pose will always be available to you during this bodyweight workout routine if you need a little break.

The workout includes intervals consisting of three exercises you perform for two minutes; you then repeat each circuit two more times before going on to the next circuit full of new moves. The first circuit begins with three-legged downward dog transitioning into knee pulls. This move is amazing for the abs, and will prepare your core for the rest of the work it will take on afterwards. You’ll do push-ups in between the three-legged dogs to also work your shoulders.

The next circuit in this core conditioning workout uses squat punches and oblique crunches, while also incorporating a nice yoga-inspired move: warrior 3 front kicks. The subsequent circuits will have you perform moves like single leg walk outs and plank toe taps, as well as Russian Twists (an amazing core move) and glute bridges. Your core should stay engaged and tight throughout the entire workout, ensuring you’re toning your tummy and strengthening the surrounding muscles through this powerful bodyweight workout program.