Barre Strong: Lower Body Barre Workout

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Duration: 28:38

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Welcome to our Barre Strong Legs workout! This is an awesome 20-minute lower body barre workout is designed to strengthen and tone all the muscles of the lower body through the use of barre-style movements and positions. Join Lindsay, Kate and Chris as they take you on this lower body blast journey!

Before you get started you are going to want to grab a mini loop resistance band, a chair for balance, a small sponge ball and light hand weights. Of course if you want to skip the equipment and do everything with body weight alone that will work too!

After a short warm-up, Lindsay will start this lower body barre workout with series of barre-style lunges and front raises for the shoulders. It won’t take long before these tiny but impactful moves build a fire in your legs and glutes! Soon you move to first position and get some serious inner thigh work! The unique movements in barre-style exercises, as opposed to other strength workouts, come from the tiny but intense movements that take place. The time under tension that happens makes you realize just how strong your legs are becoming! In other words – they will burn! After you fall in love with this barre workout make sure you download our barre sculpt calendar.

For those of you that are already fit or maybe have done our lower body HIIT workout, you are going to be surprised at how challenging this lower body barre workout is. The smaller moves make different muscles activate and you feel it in a very different way. It sneaks up on you! Of course in addition to all the leg strength and burning in the butt, you will get your heart rate up and burn plenty of calories along the way. And don’t forget we have more barre workouts for you to try!