Foundations Calendar (Includes GOLD Workouts)

Created November 2020

This Foundations Calendar was specifically designed for anyone seeking low impact workouts that still make you work up a sweat. Whether you’re a beginner starting your fitness journey, a senior looking to stay fit as you age, or someone recovering from an injury, this Foundations 28-Day Workout Calendar is for you!

This workout calendar is made up of low impact workouts that don’t include a lot of getting on the floor and getting back up. (We’ve heard from many of our beginners and senior members that this can be hard on them.)

This month will start out with our three chair workouts. They are low impact and effective and will get you going in week one. If you’re looking to start things slow or need workouts that you can adapt to injury recovery or mobility, these chair workouts will be the perfect fit for you.

You will also see a mixture of walking workouts such as the 1 Mile Power Walk, Indoor Power Walking, and so many more! Don’t be fooled by these indoor walking workouts. They will have you working up a good sweat and feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment once completed, all while staying low impact on your joints. Power walking is meant to get your heart rate up, while eliminating the jumping and pounding on your joints.

Mixed in with our chair workouts and walking workouts you will also find beginner strength training and Pilates workouts because who doesn’t love a little strength training! Throughout the 28 days of your foundations training, we want you to feel strong and powerful. By incorporating these strength workouts, you are going to work on form and train your muscles and your heart. The key is to work at your pace and listen to your body. Grab your light dumbbells or go a little heavier… it’s up to you, and feel yourself getting stronger each and every day! The Get Healthy U TV Trainers will be there with you every step of the way, encouraging you and motivating you to stick with it and be consistent!

This Foundations Calendar lays the ground work for you to continue your fitness journey!