Benjamin Allen

GROOV3 Dance Cool Down

Benjamin Allen
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Duration:   2  mins

After you’re done sweating it out and burning calories with your GROOV3 workouts, use this quick dance cool down to stretch your muscles. Benjamin Allen will lead you throw slow movements and stretches to loosen up your body and let your heart rate come down naturally. You can do this dance cool down after your GROOV3 workouts or simply use it as a way to cool down after other workouts. It takes just two minutes and it’s a great way to adjust from working out intensely to going about the rest of your day.

This dance cool down is dynamic, meaning you won’t hold certain stretches or poses but you’ll still be moving. You may also want to do some static stretching afterwards, where you hold your legs in a forward fold and stretch out your backs, legs, and hips. Because this cool down still uses movement you could also use it as a warm-up for other types of exercise. Both warming up and cooling down are essential for any workout that you do. In dance especially, you want your body to be loosened up and have a good range of motion beforehand, and afterwards you want to cool down so your heart rate can come down and you don’t injure yourself.

To prevent injury and keep feeling good, be sure you cool down after every dance workout. Use this as an opportunity to pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you did and for pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone! It takes a lot to actually show up and complete a workout, especially one you haven’t tried before, so use this cool down as a chance to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. You can also try our other dance cool down for another great way to bring your heart rate down after exercise.

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Benjamin Allen

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