• 30:54

    Mindful Yoga

    How often do you search for a workout that is mindful? So often we rush to find the biggest calorie burn or the thing that might sculpt our muscles the most. And yet in your rush through life, your body is like a precious vase. As beautiful as it might be, it can also break…

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  • 20:24

    Chair Mobility and Stretch

    It is our goal at Get Healthy U TV to keep you active and living a healthy lifestyle throughout all stages of life. Whether you are a beginner to exercise, coming back from a surgery or injury, or looking for something new in your workout journey, we have options for you! Chair mobility and stretch…

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  • 32:16

    Bodyweight Cross Training – Power Yoga and Barre Burner

    Welcome to our Power Yoga and Barre Burner workout! We’re back with another amazing bodyweight cross training workout for you with a totally different twist. Join GHU TV trainer Lindsey Bomgren and Samanatha Cameranesi as they guide you through a combination of a guided yoga flow and barre exercise all blended together to get you…

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  • Pilates Yoga Fusion

    LIFT – Pilates Yoga Fusion

    Pilates yoga fusion is the perfect blend of pilates and yoga, flexibility and core strength to really work intensity without a lot of impact. This awesome workout is all about balance. You can do it barefoot or put on shoes if you prefer. The pilates portion of the workout will remind you to breathe using…

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  • Stress Relief Yoga

    Stress Relief Yoga

    Relax your mind and body in this restorative yoga practice led by Jennifer Galardi. This Stress Relief Yoga practice is the perfect bookend to any day or add-on to any workout. This type of stress-relieving yoga practice helps to relax the nervous system, which is important for your overall health.

    Equipment needed:


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  • Prenatal Yoga

    Baby Bump Prenatal Yoga Flow

    Enjoy a calming, restorative practice with this prenatal yoga flow led by Lindsey Bomgren. Whether you’re an expectant mama, postpartum and looking for low-impact exercise, or just looking for a relaxing yoga sequence, this yoga practice is for you.

    Equipment needed:
    Optional yoga block
    Throw Pillow

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  • Ballet Body Workout

    Ballet Body Balance

    This ballet body workout utilizes a series of exercises that incorporate balance to target every muscle in your body. The results? A tight, toned midsection; a lifted backside; and improved posture and presence so you stand tall, slim, and graceful.

    Equipment needed:
    Optional Chair
    Yoga mat

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  • Ballet Stretch Routine

    Ballet Body Stretch

    A perfect complement to any of our invigorating ballet workouts, this extended stretch session will elongate your muscles, enhance your flexibility, and calm your mind. Jennifer will guide you through this calming ballet stretch routine that will help release tension from your head to your toes and stretch out those muscles that just worked so hard!

    Equipment needed:
    Yoga mat

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  • Cool Down

    Cool Down

    After you’ve completed your Sweating Sexy workouts, you’ll want to slow things down with a gentle cool down. You can use this cool down after your Sweating Sexy workouts or as a nice series of stretches after any of your other Get Healthy U TV workouts. Similar to the Sweating Sexy Warm Up, this Cool Down will use gentler, isolated movements to stretch out your body and help it relax after all that hard work.

    Equipment needed:

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