• 12:32

    10 Minute Energizing Flow Yoga

    Level: All Levels Equipment: Mat Instructor: Chris Freytag Join Chris Freytag for this 10 minute Energizing Flow Yoga Workout. This is a 10-minute yoga full body stretch routine to help release tension and stress from the body. As you flow and connect with your breath, use this practice to reboot your mind and body. You…

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  • Yoga Basics: Balance

    Yoga Basics: Balance

    Cultivate your mindfulness to achieve balance in more difficult poses. Vytas leads you through a variety of yoga positions, and concludes class with a meditation to become mentally present.

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  • Yoga Basics: Mobility

    Yoga Basics: Mobility

    Join Vytas in this practice focused on mobility and flexibility. Find length in your poses and joy your movements, as you release built up tension and activate your muscles.

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  • 28:35

    Yoga Basics: Strength

    This class is about strength and stability in your yoga practice. Make sure to challenge yourself through each movement, while facilitating each pose with your breath.

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  • three women doing yoga

    Yoga for Holistic Health: Yin Yoga

    Koya’s Yin Yoga class will help you de-stress and release unnecessary tension through holding deeper stretches for longer periods of time. Koya loves Yin Yoga because it allows you to let go of your emotions and step away from personal judgment on your mat.

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  • woman doing yoga

    Yoga for Holistic Health: Yoga Sculpt

    Tap into your inner warrior in Koya’s Yoga Sculpt class! Take on these challenging poses with confidence and strength, and remind yourself to prioritize personal growth over the idea of perfection.

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  • 34:54

    Yoga for Holistic Health: Beginner Yoga Flow

    Flow through various yoga positions and sequences with Koya in her Beginner Yoga Flow class. Remember to listen to your body, move with ease and connect your breath with each pose.

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  • 47:23

    Yoga Sculpt Premium 1

    If you love yoga but also want to build a little muscle and get your heart rate up, welcome to our yoga sculpt class! This class is the perfect blend of yoga, muscle sculpting and cardio all rolled into one awesome 45-minute session. Join GHU TV trainer JC as he moves you through the class…

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  • 30:54

    Mindful Yoga

    How often do you search for a workout that is mindful? So often we rush to find the biggest calorie burn or the thing that might sculpt our muscles the most. And yet in your rush through life, your body is like a precious vase. As beautiful as it might be, it can also break…

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