• 1:01:24

    GHUTV LIVE! Exercise Modifications

    Back by popular demand, Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi are bringing you a full hour of exercise modifications. We are asked daily about swapping out exercises or how to modify a certain exercise. Chris and Sam help with form and modification queues!

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  • 1:02:07

    GHUTV LIVE! Exercising As You Age

    As we age, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health! It helps your muscles to grow stronger so that you can continue doing your day-to-day activities! Let’s talk about the importance of exercising as you age and how to make it attainable to YOU! Make sure…

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  • GHUTV LIVE! Goal Setting in 2022

    It’s the start of a new year, a time when most of us reflect upon the past year and set NEW goals for the year ahead. Whether it’s a new year or the start of a new week – it provides you an opportunity to restart and reinvent your life. Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi talk about how to refresh your health and fitness goals for the year ahead.

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  • 1:02:25

    GHUTV LIVE! How to Maintain your Progress During the Holidays

    “I don’t have time to work out.” – #1 excuse at the holidays! But here’s the deal, you DO have time. Just not maybe as much as usual, but still fit in a short workout when you can. As the holidays ramp up, along with work, friends and family obligations, movement can get pushed to…

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  • GHUTV LIVE! The Fountain of Youth: Protein and Strength Training

    As we age, starting around age 35, we start to lose about a half-pound to a pound of muscle every year if we are not actively trying to replace it. The good news is that if you are strength training regularly, you can maintain your muscle mass, or even better, increase your muscle mass at…

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  • 59:49

    GHUTV LIVE! Importance of Recovery and Rest Days

    If you’re training with us at Get Healthy U TV or training anywhere else for that matter, you are training like an athlete. And while it might not sound as exciting as a Cardio HIIT workout or a strength training session, mobility and recovery needs to be a part of your fitness routine. Throughout this…

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  • 1:01:59

    GHUTV LIVE! Macro Counting

    Counting macros can be one of the most effective ways to create intuitive eating habits and maintain a healthy weight. Sound intriguing? Join us for another GHUTV LIVE as Chris and Sam discuss how to count your macros and why it’s such a hot topic. Also, sign up for the GHUTV newsletter and receive the…

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  • GHUTV LIVE! Heart Rate Zones

    Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi help you learn how to calculate your own personal heart rate zones so you can work smarter, not harder. It’s more simple than you think! Let’s explore the different heart zones and find the best heart rate training zones for you! Related Links: Free Fitness Challenges

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  • 1:04:16

    GHUTV LIVE! Modifications

    Good form gives you good results. In this month’s GHUTV LIVE Q&A, Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi discuss proper form and modifications during your workouts!

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