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    If you’re looking for a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, try this chocolate bark recipe! Just a few simple steps are all it takes to make this decadent treat that’s made with just 3 ingredients: dark chocolate, pistachios, and dried cranberries. If you’ve never made bark before, don’t worry! It’s incredibly easy and… Read more »

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  • ghutv-013292f_t9207u_c-southwest-soup-recipe-free

    Soup’s on! This low-calorie Southwest Chicken Soup is a favorite recipe from the kitchen of Chris Freytag. Not only is it low-calorie, but it’s packed with flavor and comes together in a pinch! This recipe is also dairy free and gluten free, unless you want to add a little shredded cheese or sour cream at… Read more »

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  • Healthy Tuna Salad

    Looking for healthy snacks that won’t weigh you down? We’ve got the perfect protein-packed snack to make post-workout. These turmeric tuna boats pack a whopping 25 grams of protein per serving and have only 260 calories, making them the ideal way to fuel up without feeling weighed down. Plus, the entire recipe takes only a… Read more »

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  • Protein Smoothie

    Looking for a healthy pre- or post-workout snack that actually tastes good? This sweet, berry-filled protein smoothie is loaded with antioxidants and packs a whopping 19 grams of protein per serving, making it the perfect smoothie to fuel your muscles and keep your body healthy. Team GHU TV is completely obsessed with this smoothie, most… Read more »

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  • Chia Popsicles

    When you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to derail your diet, these healthy homemade banana chia popsicles are the perfect option. These frozen treats are made with bananas, chia seeds, dark chocolate, and a few other simple ingredients, and only take a few minutes to prepare. They’re a delicious dessert that’s still nutritious thanks… Read more »

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  • Pumpkin Pie Protein Balls

    These pumpkin pie protein balls taste as good as pumpkin pie but pack 7 grams of protein per serving, helping satiate your hunger. Made from pumpkins, carrots, raisins, and more, they’re a healthy alternative to pre-packaged pumpkin desserts! These pumpkin pie protein balls are also vegan, gluten free, and super simple to make. A good… Read more »

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  • Healthy Guacamole Recipe

    You’ll love this healthy guacamole recipe that uses just a few simple, natural ingredients to make delicious guacamole from scratch. If you’re used to buying store-bought guacamole, don’t fret! You don’t need to do a lot of prep work to pull this one together. It only takes a few easy steps to make this healthy… Read more »

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  • Black Bean and Corn Salsa

    It can be hard to find healthy, satisfying snacks when you’re trying to be healthy. When potato chips, buffalo wings, or calorie-laden dips call your name during sporting events or gatherings, it can feel like your whole diet goes out the window in an instant. But with healthy recipes like this black bean and corn… Read more »

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  • Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

    Does it get any better than chocolate and peanut butter? We think not. With this healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe, you can still indulge in one of your favorite foods while trying to stay on track with healthy eating. Our version of the comfort food classic is made with only real ingredients and has… Read more »

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