Active Aging Beginner

** = Intermediate/ Advanced Workouts for an extra challenge. Feel free to sub out or repeat another workout if these are too advanced.


EQUIPMENT: Light, Medium and Heavy Set of Dumbbells, Mat, Chair, Pilates Sponge Ball, Step Platform


Here at Get Healthy U TV we like to look on the bright side and celebrate how positive the process of aging can truly be.

This calendar is all about encouraging those of you over 50 to get moving or keep moving to support your quality of life.

If you are a beginner, this calendar is a great place to start. Take note that this calendar is a little bit more intense than our other beginner calendars. (There will be three workouts we consider to be more advanced on this calendar offering them up as a challenge. You can always swap them out.)

If you are over 50 and already exercising, this is also a great calendar for you. 95% of the workouts are low impact and offer good variety. With any of these workouts, use heavier weights and they will be a serious challenge.

As we age, sometimes a little more form instruction with slower movements is appreciated. That’s what this calendar is all about.

As you progress throughout the month, see if those three challenge workouts appeal to you. If not sub them out or repeat another favorite workout from this calendar.

This calendar has a good mix of strength, cardio, core and flexibility training to help you move better every day. We are big believers in strength training over 50. Muscle mass will deteriorate if you are not actively using it and it is definitely a quality that keeps you feeling youthful!

As we age; strength, flexibility, and mobility are all words we should be familiar with. The better you move throughout your day, the better your quality of life.