Total Body Express Calendar

Created: December 2022

Equipment: Medium to Heavy Dumbbells, Mat

“I don’t have time” is one of the top reasons people skip their workout. Staying fit and healthy is hard when you are working long hours, long shifts and have other obligations such as family. And we also know that working out is not only about your physical health but your mental health as well.

The key to success with all healthy habits is consistency. A few regular exercise sessions a week can build muscle and help you feel stronger in all aspects of your life.

We have put together a calendar for those of you short on time but in need of some stress relief along with some heart pumping, strength building exercise. There are four 20-minute workouts per week with three rest days per week. (ADOR stands for Active Day of Rest meaning don’t just sit in a chair, get some movement in your day.) Feel free to swap or move the workouts around if a certain day doesn’t work. Feel free to add in another workout from our library if you miraculously have a week with a little extra time.

Just know that doing some strength, cardio and stretching during the week will help with your body and mind!