Leah Zahner

10-Minute Lower Body Exercise for Beginners

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   13  mins

Are you ready to tone and shape your legs and butt? Join us for this 10-minute beginner lower body exercise plan that doesn’t use any squats or lunges whatsoever! Using some challenging but attainable beginner moves, this beginner lower body exercise program will help you tighten your hamstrings and activate your glutes using low impact bodyweight moves. Beginners love it because the moves are simple and easy to follow while at the same time making your legs and butt burn. More advanced? Just grab a pair of dumbbells and add them to add to increase your intensity.

This lower body workout zeros in on your legs and glutes without using any squats or lunges. Knee issues? No problem! These 10 minutes of lower body exercise will focus on strengthening all those lower body muscles without putting pressure on your knee or hip joint. So many people have difficulty with squats and lunges due to injuries, arthritis, or other conditions. If you decide you are ready for another lower body workout in addition to this one, check out our 10-Minute Butt and Thigh Workout too!

Join trainer Leah Zahner for this awesome workout that will take you through calf raises, good mornings, leg lifts and glutes bridges. You can do the entire workout without any equipment. Bodyweight is an amazing way to get a simple but effective workout. And if you like this one you’ll also love our Bodyweight Fusion Program! Check it out! Not only will this workout zero in on lower body muscles, but you’ll also find moves that improve your balance and stability. In just 10 minutes you are going to feel that lower body and you’ll know how hard you worked! If you’re looking for more great low impact workouts you’ll want to check out our Low Impact Stability Ball Workout too!

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3 Responses to “10-Minute Lower Body Exercise for Beginners”


    I LOVE this video! I am 8 months post op from a intensive foot/ankle surgery . Not once did I have to modify or stop due to pain. Knees and back made it too lol. Can’t wait to try your other videos. This gives me hope that I am finally able to get healthy again!

  2. Wes Gaddis

    Great workout for beginners with limited time between work and taking care of kids. I can easily do this while they are at practice.

  3. beth goldman

    AWESOME! Bad Back and knees, this is perfect! Thanks!

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