Member Testimonial: Top 10 Reasons to Love GHUTV

Our main goal at GHUTV is to help you find what fitness is right for you! Whether your goal is losing the last of the baby weight, shedding menopausal belly fat, building strength, or just staying active, we hope you find something that works for you! We love hearing what our members enjoy most, and that’s why we’re sharing Debi’s story from Facebook. She’s written her top 10 reasons for loving GHUTV, and it’s so inspiring to hear stories from our squad!

Chris Freytag, Lindsey, Kate, Shelley, Leah and trainers:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… or at least give you a Lettermanesque Top 10 list:

10. I love getting up in the morning and having a workout to do. It’s all laid out for me, no overthinking it.

9. The platform is so easy to use. I watch via my Fire TV and it’s a breeze.

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8. I have never experienced an exercise high like I do after a GHUTV workout.

7. I love doing my workouts at home. As a homeschool mom going to the gym is a no-can-do. In my living room, I am the queen!

6. After a workout where my heart rate is soaring and the sweat is pouring off my body, and I’m (kindly) cursing Lindsey, I feel like a million bucks.

5. The scale doesn’t matter so much anymore. You should see me hold a boat pose. SHAZZAM!

4. If I don’t like what’s on the calendar, the options are so vast I can’t help but find something else to perfectly fit the bill.

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3. I WANT to eat better because I’m working so hard.

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2. There’s so much content on the site, I’ll probably run out of time before I run out of workouts. (And I’ll sign up next year too, the price even for GOLD is better than any gym out there. It’s nuts!)

1. Spending 30-60 minutes with positive, beautiful (inside and out), encouraging, and uplifting women first thing in the morning – it’s the only way to start the day. Thanks ladies.

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4 Responses to “Member Testimonial: Top 10 Reasons to Love GHUTV”
  1. Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith

    Totally agree! So glad I made use of the $3 offer AND upgraded to Gold. I will definitely continue my membership when it expires.

    • Julie

      I did my first ever workout from this site. With the gym closed down for the last 2 months and everything in my body struggling I came across a video scrolling thru fb this morning and thought why not. Omg I feel so out of shape.
      I’m also a runner. What are some good video workouts to do to help with my running?

  2. Sue Deacon
    Sue Deacon

    I ditto Kimberly Dont get to do it everyday, but Ive even got my husband to partake. Weather getting cooler here in Oz, but it makes you work harder!!!! GoooGHUTV xx

  3. Christine Manlick-Ludorf
    Christine Manlick-Ludorf

    Love this!!! I so agree- I am definitely signing up after the discounted membership. I love that you can do ANY of the workouts and modify as needed- which I definitely do! There is always room to grow and improve.
    Thank you!