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10-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout

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Duration:   11  mins

Are you ready to sweat? This 10-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout features bodyweight movements that will get your heart pumping and muscles burning. This workout includes short, quick bursts of working intervals followed by even shorter bursts of recovery for your true HIIT style workout. HIIT workouts are hard and efficient, accomplishing more in less time. Trainer Tish Watson will bring the heat and encouragement throughout the next 10-minutes. Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to working out or advanced, this workout is for you! Modifications will be given throughout the workout as needed!

This 10-minute full body HIIT workout includes both cardio intensive movements such as mountain climbers and squat jumps, along with strength-based movements such as planks, tricep push-ups and lunges. In this workout there are 2 blocks of work. The first block of work you will be working in time intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds rest. That’s a 1:1 work to rest ratio; meaning you will be working the same amount of time you will be resting. The second block of work will be 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest- fast and furious!

Throughout this full body HIIT workout, Get Healthy U TV Trainer Tish Watson will guide you through a series of exercises that will utilize the entire body. Tish put a fun and exciting flare on bodyweight exercises that will strengthen your mind body connection while exercising. In just 10-minutes you will string basic movements together, making it a combination movement utilizing multiple muscle groups at once. Adding a little plyometrics throughout the high intensity intervals will give you an opportunity to push your heart rate a little higher. As always, low impact modifications will be given at any time. Join Tish Watson for this 10-minute full body HIIT workout with just your bodyweight! And if you’re looking to add a little extra interval workout to your regimen try this 10-minute Tabata Bodyweight Workout!

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2 Responses to “10-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout”



  2. Donna

    Great workout, Trish! I did this as part of the Lift and Punch calendar where I do a 30-35 minute workout, and then I get to choose my own 10 minute one on some of the days. I enjoyed the variety, and I'm looking forward to your other workouts. Loved it!

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