Bodyweight Burner Calendar

Created August 2022 You asked, and we delivered!! Coming at you is your newest 28-Day BODYWEIGHT BURN Calendar for all of you PREMIUM members!! There are times in life when we are traveling and do not have access to any equipment, but just want a good bodyweight burn—now you have a full month-long calendar to keep you on track! Just like any other 28-Day Calendar, we are intentional about which workouts are seen each week, giving you a variety of styles and formats that will keep your body guessing and also happy throughout the week. Of course, if our ADORs don’t align with your week, that’s okay! Change up the day in which you do an ADOR (Active Day of Rest), but make sure you are taking at minimum 1 full day of recovery, if not the 2 that we have planned for you. It is important to move your body on these Active Days of Rest, but it can be lower intensity and even a good stretch for your body! In this calendar, you will of course see all bodyweight-only workouts. However, you will find a good mixture of cardio kickboxing, total-body strength workouts, and yoga to after some higher intensity HIIT days! We’ve given you tons of intense bodyweight workouts to challenge you, plus specific workouts to condition your core and yoga practices to stretch your muscles and complement all the hard work you’ll do! As we continue to add and build PREMIUM workouts to our PREMIUM library, you bet you will see another Bodyweight Burn 2.0 Calendar and so on! We love that you love all of our NEWEST additions to the PREMIUM category and hope you come back and visit this calendar when these workouts are no longer NEW!