Step Strong Calendar (Includes GOLD Workouts)

Created May 2022

Let’s get stepping with this Step Strong Calendar! This calendar incorporates the step or a BOSU Ball to switch things up. This calendar is fast, furious, and easy to follow. Don’t have a BOSU Ball? That’s okay, use a step platform if you have one. Don’t have a step platform but still interested in trying out these workouts? No worries. You can do EVERY workout without a platform and do everything on the ground.

Join us for this 28-day challenge to take on stepping and strength to build your muscle. You will see step specific workouts for your cardio days, and workouts such as Triple Threat or the Step Strength series that incorporates the step with medium to heavy dumbbells. These workouts are your cardio/ strength mixed workouts, allowing you to focus on building muscular strength. On your “off days” also known as ADOR (Active Day of Rest) we have suggested a few yoga and stretching workouts for you to try and allow the body to recover. These are merely suggestions, so do as your body desires.

We are all about progress, not perfection at GHUTV. Follow this calendar to the tee OR switch things up to what fits in your schedule and your lifestyle. Challenge your body and challenge your mind with a new way to workout with this 28-Day Step Strong Calendar!

Grab your bench, a set of weights, and get ready to work with us!