LIFT – Pilates Yoga Fusion

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Pilates yoga fusion is the perfect blend of pilates and yoga, flexibility and core strength to really work intensity without a lot of impact. This awesome workout is all about balance. You can do it barefoot or put on shoes if you prefer. The pilates portion of the workout will remind you to breathe using your core and engage the entire middle of your body. The yoga portion will stretch and lengthen your muscles. You will also notice a little burn in your legs and feel your heart rate coming up. This workout targets your entire body!

This pilates yoga fusion workout starts with some focused lunges. These are not the kind of lunges you are thinking. They are slow and focused on core balance. As you move you will be challenged to stay slow and controlled. Just when you get working so hard your body is shaking, you’ll go into an amazing yoga pose that will relieve the tension and let you stretch. That’s the beauty of the blend of pilates yoga fusion.

If you are looking for a flatter tummy or a stronger low back, this workout is for you. Pilates is one of the absolute best ways to train your entire core how to be not only strong and controlled but also pulled in nice and tight. And for those of you with tight hamstrings or hip flexors, this workout is for you too! Remember, balance is the key. Work some and stretch some.

Pilates Yoga Fusion gives you both. You get the movement to make you strong and burn calories and you get the stretch to help you recover and have healthy muscles, joints and connective tissue. The movement is continuous and challenging but gentle on your joints. If you love this workout try our Yoga Flowetry program for some more amazing yoga or our 10 minute pilates yoga fusion.

Tags: 30 Minute Workouts, Yoga/Flexibility




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