Fluid Strength Calendar

Your Fluid Strength 28-day calendar is all about building strength and sculpting a long, lean body through dance-inspired workouts, weight training, and yoga. It includes workouts from programs such as Barre Sculpt, Sweating Sexy, Definitions, and Yoga Flowetry. This well-rounded combination of workouts will help you sculpt a leaner, fitter body while having fun through weight training and the fluid movements of dance, Barre, and yoga.

The workouts from Barre Sculpt are led by instructor Lindsey Bomgren, and they include specific routines focusing on the legs, total body, and your cardio capacity. These Barre workouts utilize isometric holds and strength training to sculpt your muscles while revving your metabolism. The workouts in Sweating Sexy and Yoga Flowetry are led by Jennifer Galardi, a trained dancer who will show you the beauty of using dance and yoga to burn calories and center your mind.

Definitions is a total-body strength training program led by Chris Freytag, and the Definitions workouts featured in this Calendar will help you firm up every muscle in your body! You’ll start to feel more powerful, look leaner, and improve your metabolism with every rep as you define your muscles and burn calories.

The dance-inspired and strength training workouts in this 28-day calendar will give you the long, lean, and strong body of a dancer while also giving you functional weight training and aerobic work. You’ll enjoy yoga routines to calm the mind and help your muscles recover after all the hard work, too! Chris, Lindsey, and Jennifer will provide modifications as needed and do all the workouts with you, encouraging you every step of the way. All in all, this Fluid Strength Calendar will help you build muscle and burn calories through dance-inspired movement and functional strength training.

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.

  • Ballet Warm Up

    Have you always wanted a dancer’s body—you know, that long and lean figure that’s both strong and fit at the same time? Then you’ll want to start with this ballet warm up! Not your average warm up, this traditional dance conditioning sequence delivers a great workout even when done on its own. Lead by Jennifer… Read more »

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  • Ballet Workout at Home

    This workout focuses on developing strong, lean muscles without the bulk. Light hand weights are optional, but you’ll see results with or without the extra challenge. No dance training is necessary for this ballet workout at home, which will tone and strengthen your entire body using the graceful yet controlled movements of ballet. Jennifer will… Read more »

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  • Ballet Body Workout

    This ballet body workout utilizes a series of exercises that incorporate balance to target every muscle in your body. The results? A tight, toned midsection; a lifted backside; and improved posture and presence so you stand tall, slim, and graceful. A chair is optional, and you’ll also want a yoga mat for some of the… Read more »

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  • Floor Barre

    Take it to the floor with this ballet workout that works your muscles from a different position for enhanced results. It combines ballet moves, Pilates exercises, and yoga-inspired moves to tone you head to toe—even your toughest problem areas. Jennifer will provide plenty of instruction on each move, coaching you through the proper form for… Read more »

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  • Ballet Stretch Routine

    A perfect complement to any of our invigorating ballet workouts, this extended stretch session will elongate your muscles, enhance your flexibility, and calm your mind. Jennifer will guide you through this calming ballet stretch routine that will help release tension from your head to your toes and stretch out those muscles that just worked so… Read more »

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  • Dance Workout Warm Up

    Get ready for a fun and sexy dance program by starting with this Sweating Sexy Warm Up, led by Jennifer Galardi. Jennifer is a classically trained dancer, as well as a certified fitness and yoga instructor who has created this innovative workout to help you burn calories while having fun through dance. Before you start… Read more »

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  • Dance Workout Video

    Combining the grace and rhythm of dance with the toning isolations of a bodyweight workout, you’ll burn calories and have fun at the same time in part one of this Sweating Sexy dance workout video! Now that you’ve laid the groundwork with your dance workout warm-up, it’s time to start a simple routine that will… Read more »

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  • Cardio Dance Routine

    Sweating Sexy Part II builds on the movements and form you’ve learned in Sweating Sexy Part I for a more fast-paced cardio dance routine that Jennifer demonstrates beat-by-beat with confidence and motivation. You’ll kick, jump, roll and shake your way to a better body all while having fun in this workout. Before you begin Part… Read more »

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  • Cool Down

    After you’ve completed your Sweating Sexy workouts, you’ll want to slow things down with a gentle cool down. You can use this cool down after your Sweating Sexy workouts or as a nice series of stretches after any of your other Get Healthy U TV workouts. Similar to the Sweating Sexy Warm Up, this Cool… Read more »

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  • Yoga Flow Video

    Yoga Flowetry is a calming and invigorating yoga practice all at the same time. Combining the strength of vinyasa-style yoga with the fluidity and rhythm of dance, this 60 minute yoga flow video gives you a solid workout that also brings about a deeper sense of inner peace. Your instructor, Jennifer Galardi, will help you… Read more »

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  • Cardio Barre Workout

    Equipment needed: A chair Dumbbells (optional) Get ready for 20 minutes of heart-pumping cardio combined with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in this burn-worthy cardio Barre workout. This hybrid workout is designed to get your heart rate up while sculpting, lengthening, and toning the abs, arms, glutes, and legs. All you’ll need for this workout… Read more »

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  • Barre Legs

    Equipment needed: Chair Mat Dumbbells (2-5 lbs) This 20-minute Barre legs workout will help strengthen your lower body muscles and provide you with a longer, leaner appearance. Full of isometric movements and moves like leg lifts and plies, you’ll burn out those legs and build strength before you know it with this quick, Barre legs… Read more »

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  • Barre Sculpt

    Equipment needed: A chair Dumbbells (optional) Are you ready to burn calories and build strength? Carve and define in this 20-minute Barre sculpt workout that blends Pilates, ballet, isometric holds and functional strength training to tone you from head-to-toe. This total-body Barre sculpt workout will help firm up the areas we all love to work… Read more »

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  • Core Barre

    Equipment needed: Mat This 20-minute mid-section tightening workout goes way beyond crunches. This core barre workout will take you past the basics into moves that really work to tone your abs. Push your limits by following 30 second intervals of each move, involving both isometric holds and core-sculpting movements. You’ll experience isometric exercises – such… Read more »

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  • Core Blast Pilates

    This Pilates-inspired workout will sculpt your core and give you defined, sexy abs and increased core body strength. As a Pilates-trained instructor, Chris will guide you through each methodical move, designed to target specific muscles in your core.

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  • GHUTV 0009416f_T9053u_c

    Burn and firm the whole body in this intense total body circuit workout that targets multiple muscle groups to define and sculpt your physique. This circuit style workout utilizes four key exercises, performing each of the four moves for 45 seconds, making one complete round. Repeat that round again then move on to the next one.

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  • Upper Body Resculpt

    This 30-minute workout is all about sculpting a stronger, more defined upper body. This upper body weight workout will strengthen your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and back while pushing you to your limits. The effectiveness of this workout comes from performing supersets–two exercises in a row for the same muscle group with little rest in-between. You’ll do these two exercises for the same muscle group two times in a row, then take a quick active recovery before moving on to the next focused area.

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  • Lower Body Burn

    Sculpt and tone your lower body with this circuit workout that gets your heart pumping and your muscles burning. This lower body circuit is intense and all about defining your muscles–no plyometrics involved, just strictly strength. You won’t get bored with the variety of squats, lunges and other fun, yet effective lower body moves. In 30 minutes, Chris will guide you through circuits designed to firm and tone your legs, buns and more. In addition, several moves will engage your abs for added balance and core strengthening.

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