Serious Strength Program – Total Body

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Ready to get strong and shape your muscles? This Total Body Serious Strength workout is a head-to-toe challenge for every muscle in your body! No more wimpy weights giving you little to no results. It’s time to learn how to lift some serious weights. This total body workout will challenge you to find your strong side. Think of it as a personal training session! You will use heavy weights and try to get to the goal of muscle fatigue. Join trainer Chris Freytag as she guides you through each move with proper form and function. Chris teaches you how to lift heavy weights the right way! In addition, Leah Zahner and Lindsay Bomgren will workout with you and help give you some great options for modifying the moves as needed.

Squats, lunges, push-ups, and high-pulls are just some of the moves you are going to tackle in this butt-kicking total body workout! Pick up those heavy weights and find out how high your heart rate can get by lifting weights! The beauty of a total body workout is that you will use more muscles therefore burning more calories. For example, a renegade row is a great move but is limited in what you are working. A plank is a great move but also limited. In this workout you combine the renegade row with a walking plank for more muscle use, higher heart rate, and more calories being burned! Once you fall in love with this one, try another total body workout video from GHU TV!

Do not be afraid of muscle! These moves do not make you bulky! In fact, just the opposite. Lifting heavy weights increases your metabolism and helps define and sculpt your body. In addition, muscle is heavy but compact. Fat, on the other hand, is lighter but more spread out and takes up more space. The tighter and more compact you are the better you are going to look and feel! Muscle is your friend. So pick up those heavy weights and join us for this and our other strength workout videos from GHUTV!

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