10 Minute Arms and Abs Workout

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Duration: 11:39

Two areas most of us wish we could transform are our arms and abs. Luckily, this quick workout allows you to focus in on your arms and abs without spending an hour in the gym! Join Get Healthy U TV trainer Jodi Sussner as she leads you through this 10 minute arms and abs workout you can do at home. All you’ll need are two sets of dumbbells—a lighter one and a heavier one. Jodi uses a set of 8 lb dumbbells and a set of 12 lb dumbbells in this workout, but you should use whatever weights are best for you.

You’ll start with a quick warm-up before diving right into this arms and abs workout. You’ll start with a move that will work your obliques and your arms at the same time: grabbing the heavier set of dumbbells you’ll engage your core as you lean to one side, then come up to do a full bicep curl. The moves in this workout are designed to work both your arms and abs at the same time, allowing you to multitask and really feel the burn! You’ll then move onto roing left and right and then push-ups on your dumbbells. You’ll then swap in your lighter dumbbells for moves like chest flys, planks, and isometric movements that will help you carve out sleek shoulders and arms and strengthen your core.

If you liked this arms and abs workout, try our bodyweight moves for buff arms or try our Ultimate Abs calendar! There are countless ways to get a solid workout for your core and upper body in just ten minutes. Setting aside time to do this quick workout will help you build muscle and confidence, so you can get on with the rest of your day feeling like the strong and capable person you are.

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5 Responses to “10 Minute Arms and Abs Workout”

  1. Kris Milke

    I am trying to log this 10 min arms & ab workout into my fitness app, and it’s asking for # of sets & I don’t know how to count it. Is the bend/row one set or 6 sets? thank you

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