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Boat Pose Variations

Lindsey Bomgren
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Duration:   2  mins

Boat pose is a great ab exercise that tests your balance and helps you build core strength at the same time. In addition, this pose helps strengthen your spine and works your hip flexors, too. This pose can be a challenge for some, but working towards it will help transform your abs and strengthen your core. Watch this quick video as Lindsey Bomgren explains how to do boat pose and even offers some variations on boat pose to work more muscle groups and provide additional challenges once you’ve mastered the basic version.

Sit on the floor or on a mat on your glutes, keeping your shoulders down and the crown of your head towards the ceiling. Carefully lift one leg off the floor, keeping your core engaged. Pull your belly button in towards your spine while keeping a flat, long back. If lifting one leg up feels ok, bring the other leg up to meet it. You’ll utilize lots of stability in boat pose, making it incredible for improving your balance and core strength. Next, bring your arms out in front of you if you can. Stay tall through the back.

You can take boat pose one step further by straightening your legs. This works the quads, hip flexors, and the core. Lindsey will remind you not to let your ribcage expand as you do this. If that’s working well for you, bring your arms up above your head. The goal is to see how straight you can get your legs and how high you can lift them.

Another variation on boat pose is to utilize boat poes pulses; make tiny pulses by pulling your legs up as you reach for your toes with your hands. This pose variation particularly engages your lower back. A final boat pose variation is roller boat: roll down onto the floor, come up and hold in boat pose for three seconds. Continue to do this for as many repetitions as you wish.

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