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Barre Strong: Bodyweight HIIT Workout

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Duration:   31  mins

Ready to get lean and toned? Sculpt and tone your muscles in this barre influenced bodyweight hiit workout.Get your heart pumping and torch some calories using just your bodyweight. Join Lindsay, Chris and Kate for this amazing 20-minute challenge that will make you work and sweat while also having tons of fun!

HIIT training is designed around the understanding high intensity intervals, or exercises that push you hard, accomplish more in less time with bigger results. In fact we have a great HIIT It Hard Workout Program that really shows you how high hiit can work for you! The fun part of this barre influenced bodyweight HIIT workout is that you get your HIIT doing some fun barre-style moves with no equipment needed!

After a quick warm-up you’ll go right into an awesome bodyweight workout that combines strength and cardio for a total body HIIT workout! First you’ll get a move like core body cross twists that make you feel the muscles in your core. Then you’ll follow that with a cardio burst of mountain climbers. Lindsay moves you quickly into legs next where you slow lunge back to build a muscle burn in those legs followed by a quick burst of single leg hops to pop up that heart rate. Ready for more? How about some chair squat pelvic tilts (think butt squeezes!) followed by squats and burpees. By the time your 20 minutes is up, you will dripping! Not able to jump? No worries! Throughout the entire program you’ll be able to follow Chris for the low impact moves which, by the way, are just as hard!

So get out of your normal routine and check out something new and different! Barre strong bodyweight HIIT workout is just what you need to stay focused and engaged and wanting more! Keep in mind we have more barre workouts that you can do right alongside this amazing barre HIIT workout. They are all great!

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