• 12:54

    10 Minute Buns and Legs

    Level: All Levels Equipment: Medium to Heavy Dumbbells, Mat Instructor: Sam Cameranesi This Buns and Legs workout is a quick and effective lower body burn! Sam Cameranesi will take you through a quick warm up and then take you through a series of multi-muscle group exercises. Following the format of 45 seconds of work followed…

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  • 13:26

    10 Minute Arms and Abs

    Level: All Levels Equipment: Medium to heavy dumbbells, Mat Instructor: Chris Freytag This Arms + Abs workout is a quick and effective muscle burn! Chris Freytag will take you through a quick warm up and then take you through a series of eight multi muscle group exercises, you’ll do for a minute each. During that…

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  • 27:45

    Circuits in 6 – #2

    Get ready for round two of Circuits in 6. This full body circuit workout led by trainer Sam Cameranesi, incorporates both strength and cardio to sculpt muscles and burn calories. This workout utilizes athletic based moves involving plyometrics and dumbbells to give you maximum results. Circuits in 6 is quick and effective for those of…

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  • 24:46

    Serious Strength Lower Body 2

    It’s leg day! Yay! Get ready for another version of the Serious Strength Lower Body Workout! This workout is all about your lower body! No cardio, no fluff, just serious strength. Learn the art of slow, heavy training for sculpting and shaping your legs and butt. With proper training and guidance you can learn how…

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  • 24:47

    Serious Strength Upper Body 2

    Suns out guns out! It’s time for the second round of Serious Strength Upper Body. In this workout you will learn that picking up heavy weights is exactly what you need if you want to sculpt and tone your upper body. Many people, especially women, are afraid of “bulking up” if they go too heavy…

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  • 13:42

    10-Minute Booty Band Workout

    Strong, beautiful booties do not just happen, they are made! But you don’t need to spend an hour sweating it out to get a great lower body workout. This 10-Minute Booty Band workout will get your heart pumping and create a fire in your legs and glutes in record time. Join GHUTV Trainer Shelley Hawkins…

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  • 49:59

    Low Impact Dumbbell Strength

    Looking for a kick-butt low impact workout to build strength? Here it is! This Low Impact Dumbbell Strength workout was made for anyone looking to work hard and sweat without all the jumping and pounding that happens with high impact movements. In other words, your muscles will thank you but so will your knees, hips…

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  • 41:21

    Straight Up Strength

    Are you ready to shape and tone your muscles, while staying low impact on the body? Straight Up Strength is a full body workout that focuses on form, speed, and lifting heavy dumbbells for your strength workout. This total body workout is going to work on fatiguing and burning out each muscle group! Think of…

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  • 12:37

    10-Minute Tank Top Arms

    Toned arms are awesome! We all want to look our best in short sleeves, tank tops, and sleeveless dresses, but what about picking up heavy boxes, carrying your kids or grandchildren, or loading big bags of groceries? It is crucial that we also stay strong, and that’s exactly what our 10-Minute Tank Top Arms workout…

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