Strength + Walk/Run Calendar (Includes GOLD Workouts)

Created November 2021 You asked and we’ve delivered! For those of you cardio junkies who love walking/running but might be missing some strength training in your routine, this calendar is for you. And for you strength training lovers out there who want to add a few more steps into your day, you’ll enjoy this calendar just as much. This 28-day calendar is a strength training + walking or running program designed with intentional workouts to help you build strength to become a stronger and faster walker or runner! We say walker or runner, because YOU get to decide! You don’t have to be a runner to try this calendar. If you are someone who loves to walk, so be it! Get outside and walk for 1–3 miles on the short days or walk 2–4 miles on the medium length days! Let this month be your time to take both your strength and cardio training to the next level! This month-long workout plan is designed to strengthen the muscles walkers and runners rely on, increase upper body strength (which you also need as a runner), increase core and balance strength (which is extremely important for runners) AND hit your weekly mileage goal you may have for yourself. Of course, modifications are offered in every workout for all fitness levels. So feel free to scale back and modify as needed! Why strength training is important for runners: 1. Prevents Injury 2. Increases Agility and Speed Join us as we get stronger with these strength workouts and put on the mileage with our walks/runs! And if you want to take your walks/runs indoors—check out our treadmill programs here!