Shelley Hawkins

10-Minute Six-Pack Abs

Shelley Hawkins
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Duration:   12  mins

Get ready for this 10-minute abdominal workout. Trainer Shelley Hawkins will help you fire up your core muscles! Using one dumbbell, Shelley will have you doing some standing core work and some core work on the mat. You will work not only your abdominal muscles, but also your back muscles, which are part of the entire core. And an extra added bonus: you will get some glute work too. As Shelley says, “Get ready to kick some abs today.”

This workout will have you doing 1 minute of work with 15 seconds of transition time to move to the next exercise. That is enough time to catch your breath and get in position for the next exercise. You’ll need to stay focused mentally and physically. Shelley starts with some less-traditional core moves such as standing wood chop squats and standing crunches. Shelley will then take you down to the mat for reverse curls, leg drops, and sit-up variations.

The core is made up not only of your transversus abdominis, your rectus abdominis, and your obliques (which are your twisting muscles), but also all of your back extensors. It’s important to train your core muscles in all planes of motion, and this quick 10-minute workout does that for you.

This can be used as a standalone 10-minute workout to energize your core, or you can tack this workout onto the end of a strength or cardio session too. Core strength is so important for most daily movements and super important for better posture and balance as we age.

If you are looking for other ab-focused workouts, try our 10-Minute Feel Your Core workout or add on a little extra cardio with some core with this Cardio + Core Workout!

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