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GOLD LIVE Class: 40-30-20 HIIT 2

Join us for this Get Healthy U TV live workout, exclusive to those with GOLD membership! If you liked the first 40-30-20 HIIT, you’ll love this second version led by Lindsey Bomgren. This 45-minute total body HIIT workout is a high intensity interval workout super-setting strength and cardio exercises back-to-back in 40, 30, and 20 second intervals. You’ll master each exercise as you perform it for 40 seconds, then 30 seconds, and then 20 seconds. All you need is a medium to heavy set of dumbbells (10-12 lbs). We’ll hit the entire body from butt and legs, to core, and upper body! Modifications will be offered to make the workout low impact or high impact.

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Equipment: A set of medium and heavy dumbbells
Instructor: Lindsey Bomgren

In order to view the Live Class, be sure to visit this page while logged in to your GOLD member account. Want to stream this workout to your TV? Here is how to do it.


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