• 13:09

    10-Minute Balance Workout

    Level: All levels
    Equipment: Mat
    Instructor: Chris Freytag

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  • 11:34

    10-Minute Stability Ball Workout

    Level: All Levels
    Equipment: Stability ball, medium to heavy dumbbells, mat
    Instructor: Patty Knudsen

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  • Woman doing a post-workout stretch

    10-Minute Post-Workout Stretch

    Give your muscles the love and attention they deserve after an intense workout. Trainer Sam Cameranesi leads you through this post-workout stretch. This session is for those of you who like a little longer stretch after a cardio workout, strength session, run, bike ride, or dance workout. Whatever it was you did to challenge your…

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  • Woman working out

    10-Minute 6-Pack Abs

    Get ready for this 10 minute abdominal workout. Trainer Shelley Hawkins will help you fire up your core muscles! Using one dumbbell Shelley will have you doing some standing core work and some core work on the mat. You will work not only your abdominal muscles, but also your back muscles which are part of…

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  • Woman doing cobra pose

    Quick Pre-Workout Warm-Up

    This 10-minute quick pre-workout warm-up is great to use for any activity you are about to do. Whether it’s a walk, run, bike ride, hike, fitness class, or any other activity you have planned, this is a great way to get your body ready for the work ahead. This can also be used as a…

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  • Woman holding a pink dumbbell

    10-Minute Booty Band Workout

    Strong, beautiful booties do not just happen, they are made! But you don’t need to spend an hour sweating it out to get a great lower body workout. This 10-Minute Booty Band workout will get your heart pumping and create a fire in your legs and glutes in record time. Join GHUTV Trainer Shelley Hawkins…

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  • Man doing downward facing dog

    10-Minute Yoga Flow

    Sometimes just 10 minutes can change your entire day. This 10 Minute Yoga Flow might be just that powerful! In the midst of our crazy, busy lives it can be difficult to find any time for just a moment of sanity, let alone time to move our bodies. But let’s be honest – if we…

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  • Man doing a lunge

    10-Minute Functional Strength

    Are you ready to move your body in a way that makes sense? Functional strength is just that kind of movement! Put down the dumbbells and set aside the other fancy equipment because this 10-minute functional strength exercise is the simple but effective workout you need! Sometimes we are so busy looking for a crazy…

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  • Woman doing tricep kickbacks with dumbbells

    10-Minute Tank Top Arms

    Toned arms are awesome! We all want to look our best in short sleeves, tank tops, and sleeveless dresses, but what about picking up heavy boxes, carrying your kids or grandchildren, or loading big bags of groceries? It is crucial that we also stay strong, and that’s exactly what our 10-Minute Tank Top Arms workout…

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