Sam Cameranesi

10-Minute Post-Workout Stretch

Sam Cameranesi
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Duration:   16  mins

Give your muscles the love and attention they deserve after an intense workout. Trainer Sam Cameranesi leads you through this post-workout stretch. This session is for those of you who like a little longer stretch after a cardio workout, strength session, run, bike ride, or dance workout. Whatever it was you did to challenge your muscles and heart, use this session to be fresh and ready for the next workout.

Stretching is part of a muscle’s recovery and repair. Holding stretches is best after your workout when your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and body are warm. Holding your stretches for at least 20 seconds is key to muscle recovery. Look at this time spent with Sam as facilitated stretching. She will have you hold your hamstring stretches, and she will get into your glutes, hip flexors, and quads. She will have you stretch some of the upper body and give some attention to your back. All of this is helpful to prepare your body for the next workout and to prevent injury.

Sam is a dancer and very flexible. You may not be able to stretch like she can, but follow along because flexibility comes with practice. Slow and steady gives results, and if you feel like you are inflexible—even more reason to join in on this stretch session! Make this a regular addition to your daily workouts!

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One Response to “10-Minute Post-Workout Stretch”

  1. ANNE

    I will come back to this one time and again. I just did Shannon's bodyweight and bands workout and this stretch was perfect after! Thank you, Sam!

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