Tara Putz

10-Minute Push Pull Workout

Tara Putz
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Duration:   11  mins

Get ready to work your back and chest with this 10-minute Push Pull Workout led by trainer Tara Putz. These two fundamental movements are used every day. Tara will work your chest (along with the helper muscles -the triceps and shoulders) as well as your back (along with the helper muscles -the biceps). Grab a few set of heavy and medium dumbbells and get ready to work your muscles. If you like working your upper body, check out our 10-minute Tank Top Arms. If you are interested in other split day workouts, check out our 30 minute GOLD Push Pull Strength 1 Workout.

Level: All levels
Equipment: Medium and heavy dumbbells, mat
Instructor: Tara Putz

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