Kickboxing Strong Calendar

Strength training and cardio kickboxing collide in this sweaty, 28-Day Kickboxing Calendar! Burn some major calories each and every day with some fun workouts we have planned for you.

If you are looking for a month long of workouts focused a little more on cardio, this is the calendar for you. Kickboxing is one of THE BEST full body cardio workouts you can do at home.

-It is high intense from start to finish

-Keeps you mentally engaged

-Can easily be made low impact

At Get Healthy U TV Kickboxing is our favorite way to get our cardio in throughout the week. But in all seriousness cardio alone is overrated. SO we’ve decided to throw in strength training, upper and lower body, yoga and stretching workouts to make sure you are getting a variety in your training.

Throughout each week of this calendar you will find 3 days of “kickboxing” focused workouts, followed by 2 days of strength work, and of course 2 days of ADORs. ADOR = Active Day of Rest. On your Active Days of Rest we have suggested a few yoga and stretching workouts to give your bodies the time to recover from your previous 5 days of hard and intense workouts! Remember, ADOR stands for moving your body in a way that feels good and is less intense than the last couple of days.

Burn some major calories with Kickbutt Kickboxing and build some serious Strength with HIIT Lower Body and let’s do this 28-Day Calendar together!