10 Minute Yoga for Back Pain

Duration: 15:54

Welcome to our 10 Minute Yoga Flow for Back Pain! Since nearly 80% of the people in the United States experience back pain at some point in their lives, the search for back pain relief is very real. This yoga for back pain flow sequence is designed to help relieve tension and stress in just the right places to loosen back muscle and the other areas that attach to the back and hips. Come along as Kate Laing guides you gently through some well-needed relief!

Most people prefer to avoid doctors and medicine so looking to find a more natural way to relieve pain is a must. Of course sometimes the doctor is a necessity for helping with your back issues. However, yoga has been shown to help in many cases. If your back pain is a result of tight, stiff muscles and connective tissue, then yoga for back pain, which includes basic stretches designed to alleviate this tension, might be just the solution for you. Always check with your doctor before doing any exercise program.

During this yoga for back pain sequence, yoga instructor Kate Laing will gently guide you through poses such as cat, cow and downward dog, She will also teach you moves such as superman and windshield wiper that strengthen the muscles of the core and back which will help you avoid back problems in the future. Stretching and strengthening are both equally important! Core strength (which includes the muscle of the back) is a necessary part of protecting the spine and keeping it healthy. Stretching the muscles and connective tissues surrounding the back helps to relieve any pain or tightness that has already been built up. So come along and try this yoga for back pain and find some well-needed relief in a natural way.

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