Kate Laing

10-Minute TRX Beginner Workout

Kate Laing
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Duration:   11  mins

Maybe you’ve heard of the TRX but never tried it. Perhaps you’ve seen them in the gym and wanted to explore but had no idea where to start. This 10-minute TRX beginner workout will be the perfect way to introduce you to the world of TRX and give you a full body workout in just 10 minutes. If you love the idea of getting more done in less time we have a bunch more 10-minute workouts you’ll love!

TRX stands for total body resistance. Using these straps will help you engage the entire body even when focusing on just one part. For example, the bicep curl with dumbbells strengthens your biceps. The bicep curl with the TRX strengthens biceps as well as shoulders and core all at once. That’s why this TRX beginner workout is such a great way to get a full body workout in such a short amount of time.

Join trainer Kate Laing as she shows you how to get an effective workout using proper form with the TRX straps. Make sure to have not only the TRX but also the door attachment securely in place so it won’t slip. Once secure, you’ll start the workout with some deep squats holding the straps. Kate is great at showing you how to move your body just slightly to make the move easier if you are a beginner or harder if you are a little stronger. You’ll perform each exercise for 50 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds before moving to the next one. Reverse lunges, tricep presses and some amazing ab moves are all part of this TRX beginner workout. You’ll even get a fun set of TRX jumping jacks to boost your heart rate!

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2 Responses to “10-Minute TRX Beginner Workout”


    I have a 6' ft Very Heavy 30lb COREFX Advanced Toner (Resistance Toner) with the Door Lock. Could I use it in this type of TRX program or do I need the straps that have no give in them? I have done the TRX at the gym so I know the difference in the equipment. Just wondering if there is a chance to use what I have. I love the TRX!

  2. Sondra

    Great workout, I wish we had more of these TRX for beginners.

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