Chris Freytag

GOLD Power Walking 5

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   34  mins

Join us for this Get Healthy U TV workout, exclusive to those with GOLD membership! Trainer Chris Freytag is back with a squad favorite and is ready lead you through Power Walking 5. This cardio workout is based on indoor walking, which means you don’t need a lot of space or equipment—just a positive attitude! Sam will keep you motivated through some low-impact walking while adding in knee lifts, side-to-side movements, and other fun steps. We’ll keep a power walking pace that will get your heart rate up and help burn calories, making this workout great for beginners or anyone looking for a low-impact workout. Make the movements bigger to take it up a notch, and check out our other Power Walking workouts!

Level: Beginner
Equipment: None
Instructor: Chris Freytag


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5 Responses to “GOLD Power Walking 5”

  1. LISA

    Can we expect a Power Walk 6 soon? Love al these walking workouts


    Great variety in this! I wore weighted gloves to add some punch, but it's good without for sure!

  3. Robin

    LOVE IT! More Ramp it Up walking videos please!

  4. Debra Malone

    Love your walking workouts! Thank you!

  5. LISA

    Love these walking videos. Plus I love walking with Chris & Shelley. Makes a person over 60 feel comfortable walking

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