10-Minute Booty Band Workout

Duration: 13:42

Strong, beautiful booties do not just happen, they are made! But you don’t need to spend an hour sweating it out to get a great lower body workout. This 10-Minute Booty Band workout will get your heart pumping and create a fire in your legs and glutes in record time. Join GHU Trainer Shelley Hawkins as she brings the heat to your thighs and shapes your booty like no other 10-minutes can!

For this 10-Minute Booty Band Workout you’ll need a booty band and a pair of dumbbells. Shelley will cue you on the booty band and how you place it on your legs. Don’t have a booty band? You’ll still get a great workout even if you do it bodyweight-only! From goblet squats, to reverse lunges, deadlifts to side leg presses, this 10-Minute Booty Band workout tackles all the lower body muscles you can find!

Squats and lunges are used to take on your large muscles like the gluteus maximus and quadriceps. Side leg presses and lateral lunges tackle your outer and inner thighs. When the phrase “feel the burn” was invented- this is the kind of workout it was made for! It won’t take 10 minutes for that burn to kick in, but if you stay for all 10 you’ll definitely know you did the work needed for a strong lower body.

We love the booty band because it is small and portable and inexpensive, but it packs a punch! There’s nothing else like it when you are working on a stronger lower body. Like dumbbells come in lighter and heavier sizes, the booty bands get more challenging the thicker they are. Color determines thickness and varies with different manufacturers so check with the brand you buy. But keep in mind just like you have different sizes of weights, it is good to have a variety of band sizes as well.

Either stand-alone for a quick workout or tacked onto another short workout, you’ll love having this 10-minute booty band workout in your arsenal!

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