• 35:11

    Barre Burn 2

    You have probably heard the phrase “feel the burn”. If you really want to know what that means then jump in and join our Barre Burn 2 workout! Subtle and then all of a sudden not-so-subtle is what this workout does to your muscles. Using basic ballet moves combined with small weights, super concentrated squeezing…

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  • 49:59

    Low Impact Dumbbell Strength

    Looking for a kick-butt low impact workout to build strength? Here it is! This Low Impact Dumbbell Strength workout was made for anyone looking to work hard and sweat without all the jumping and pounding that happens with high impact movements. In other words, your muscles will thank you but so will your knees, hips…

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  • 47:23

    Yoga Sculpt 1

    If you love yoga but also want to build a little muscle and get your heart rate up, welcome to our yoga sculpt class! This class is the perfect blend of yoga, muscle sculpting and cardio all rolled into one awesome 45-minute session. Join GHU TV trainer JC as he moves you through the class…

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  • 34:27

    Dumbbell HIIT 2

    Let’s HIIT it again! Join us for this 30-minute Dumbbell HIIT 2 and get your body in shape in record time! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been proven time and time again to be one of the best ways to lose weight and get in shape, yet the mere thought of doing HIIT can…

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  • 33:13

    Intermediate Ballet Barre

    Tiler Peck of the New York City Ballet invites you to join her at the ballet barre for a series of intermediate exercises. Throughout each of these more challenging exercises, remember to keep your feet pointed, and of course, have fun!

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  • 40:01

    Beginner Ballet Barre 2

    Join New York City Ballet’s Tiler Peck at the ballet barre with another beginner class! With every exercise, find length in your lines and execute each step with energy and control.

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  • 41:48

    Beginner Ballet Barre 1

    Calling all ballet dancers, former dancers, or anyone looking for a fun barre workout—this is for you! Join Tiler Peck who will lead you through this very traditional ballet barre class right in the comfort of your own home. Tiler Peck is a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet Company and comes with…

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  • 33:05

    Premium Pilates 1

    Make your core stronger and your back healthier with this 30-minute pilates mat workout. Pilates has long been known for many things including increased core strength, improved flexibility and balanced muscular strength in your body. This 30-minute pilates mat workout gives you all of that and so much more! By simply adding the use of…

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  • 35:47

    Cardio Sculpt

    Strengthen your entire body and raise your heart rate with this 30-minute Cardio Sculpt workout! Using a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, you are going to love the combination of weighted strength exercises and cardio circuits in this workout! This Cardio Sculpt workout with dumbbells is a functional training workout for your core,…

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