Day 1: Showing Up

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Duration: 5:58

Congratulations on committing to a daily meditation practice and welcome to Day 1!

The first step in consistency is commitment.

Today letโ€™s show up for ourselves and for each other and commit to building this journey ahead.

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11 Responses to “Day 1: Showing Up”

  1. JEAN

    Thank you so much. I have done the meditations already on the GHUTV site, but this will be motivating for me to do a session every day.

  2. Jean Bernstein

    That was great. Thank you!! With the state of our country right now…We all need peace.

  3. Terri

    I really enjoy relaxing with you. But how do I know when and if I meditate

  4. Maga

    Thanks dear.. loved these minutes and wish to keep committing with you to find my peaceful me again..

  5. Michele Burke

    This is the first time I was able to really focus and finish any meditation session. Thank you for your clear and calm guidance.

  6. Sabrina Abd El-Hamid

    Thank you… Breathing helps me stay focused on what I can do now instead of worrying about the future or being sad of the past… Thank you sooo much for helping… Great program idea