Sam Cameranesi

10-Minute Arms with Light Weights

Sam Cameranesi
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Duration:   12  mins

This is a great quick arm workout to use any day of the week. Trainer Sam Cam will take you through this non-stop 10+ minutes of upper body movement.

This workout is exactly as it says: 10 minutes of arm exercises using light weights. This workout will focus on muscle endurance. We will be using lighter weights, higher repetition, and moving at a faster pace.

It is important to train both muscle endurance and muscle strength. You use both in your everyday life.
Muscle endurance is all about repetitive activities you do every day like painting a room using a paintbrush, raking your lawn, or shoveling your snow. Muscle strength is the ability to exert a maximal amount of force for a short period of time. Think of picking up something heavy, moving furniture around, or picking up a toddler.

Sam will hit all the upper body muscles without much rest. Grab your light weights and be prepared to feel the burn.

Use this 10 minute workout in conjunction with some of our other workouts that require heavier weights and slower movements. That will give you the most well-rounded healthy body!

Feel free to tack it on at the end of a cardio workout or a lower body workout. Or just use it as an energizing 10 minute pick me up.

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Light dumbbells, Mat
Instructor: Sam Cameranesi

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