10 Minute Arms and Abs

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Duration: 13:26

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This Arms + Abs workout is a quick and effective muscle burn! Chris Freytag will take you through a quick warm up and then take you through a series of eight multi muscle group exercises, you’ll do for a minute each. During that minute, Chris will coach you on good form and give you modifications. Muscle fatigue is the goal so use heavy enough weights that 10-15 reps gives you the burn. You’ll hit all upper body muscles and use your core with planks, pikes and situps.

Use this workout as a stand alone upper body workout. Or, tack it at the end of a cardio workout or any other sweat session to get a little muscle building in the upper body. Form is key for good results and Chris is super methodical and slow as she moves through the series of exercises so that you can focus.

Grab your dumbbells and get lifting. Short but effective is the key to this arms and abs workout.

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Level: All Levels
Equipment: Medium to heavy dumbbells, Mat
Instructor: Chris Freytag