Sam Cameranesi

10-Minute Kettlebell Strength

Sam Cameranesi
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Duration:   16  mins

If you are looking for a workout that digs deep into strength training with the kettlebell this workout is for you! Our 10-Minute Kettlebell strength workout is an empowering workout that focuses on form and movement while staying low impact on the joints. Don’t have a kettlebell? That’s okay – you can even try this with dumbbells if you so choose. Check out our Kettlebell Tutorial before you get started.

In this 10-Minute workout trainer Sam Cameranesi will give you an overview of the kettlebell and how you can hold this piece of equipment. Due to the weight distribution of kettlebells there are a few different ways to hold it throughout certain exercises. Unlike the dumbbell with equal weights on both sides – the kettlebell allows for a little more movement, bigger range of motion and activation of more muscle groups.

This kettlebell workout is a total body workout. Trainer Sam will start each series with a base movement and then you will add onto that movement, utilizing more muscle groups as you work towards a more advanced movement. You’ll perform movements such as the basic squat and advance to a squat with a bicep curl and overhead press to work every muscle group in the body. And of course, a kettlebell workout wouldn’t be complete without the kettlebell swing and kettlebell deadlift. With a lower body burn circuit, the back of your legs will be burning and your heart rate high with these two movements. This is truly a total body routine designed to work your muscles and torch calories.

Throughout this kettlebell strength workout, the goal is to focus on proper form and alignment to ensure proper engagement and use of the muscles. While staying low impact on the joints, this strength workout will still get your heart rate up, burning lots of calories and working up a good sweat. And just like that before you know it your 10-minutes will be up and you’ll be wondering where the time went!

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  1. JOYCE

    perfect mini workout

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