10-Minute Mobility Workout

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Duration: 12:03

It is our goal at Get Healthy U TV to keep you active and living a healthy lifestyle throughout all stages of life. Whether you are a beginner to exercise, coming back from a surgery or injury, or simply looking to move better throughout your day… mobility is a big part of that. Mobility is all about range of motion in your joints and Sam Cam will take you through this mobility workout.

You’ll start at the top of your body, moving at your neck and shoulders, then moving down the body to your back, hips, knees, and ankles. Sam will focus on rotating, flexing, and moving the joints to stimulate your body’s natural lubricant, synovial fluid. “Motion is lotion.” When you are stiff and sore, mobility is the key to feeling better. Do this workout whenever you feel like you need to release and move through your joints!

If getting down on the floor is too much, check out our Chair Mobility workout. If you are looking for a longer mobility workout, check out Yoga Basics: Mobility workout.

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Sam Cameranesi

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One Response to “10-Minute Mobility Workout”

  1. ANNE

    Thank you, Sam, for bringing us this much-needed mobility workout. Yes please, I’d love to see this extended to a 30 minute workout. Perfect to do mid-day just to get the joints moving.

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