Patty Knudsen

10-Minute Stability Ball Workout

Patty Knudsen
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Duration:   11  mins

Join Trainer Patty Knudsen in this 10-minute stability ball workout. This quick workout is a mini total-body strength workout. Get ready for some wall squats, push-ups, ab tucks, core crunches, chest presses, and other fun moves to wake up all your muscles. All you need is a stability ball and your body! Using a stability ball will improve your core stability and challenge your balance. Good balance is helpful as we age and for many everyday activities.

So dust off your stability ball and give this one a try. While it does take some time to get used to the instability, you will soon find yourself benefiting from the muscle isolation, balance, and core stability.

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One Response to “10-Minute Stability Ball Workout”

  1. Linda

    I really liked this 10 minute workout with the ball. I would love to have a longer stability ball plus Dumbbells workout with Patty.

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