Lindsey Bomgren

10-Minute Butt and Back Workout

Lindsey Bomgren
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Duration:   10  mins

Are you ready for an intense workout to tone and strengthen two important muscle groups? You need this 10-minute butt and back workout. Your back and butt are two of the biggest metabolic muscles in your body and working them will help you get strong, burn calories, and get your heart rate up all at the same time. Led by Lindsey Bomgren, you’ll see why 10 minutes is all you need to strengthen and tone your body and get a solid workout done. She’ll lead you through some of the most effective exercises around to get rid of back fat and tone up your backside.

All you’ll need for this butt and back workout is a little space to move and one set of dumbbells. You’ll start with a quick warm-up before heading into this intense, 10-minute routine. Once the warm-up is over, Lindsey will take you through exercises like dumbbell squats, bent-over wide rows, split lunges, single-arm rows, glute-bridges with dumbbells, and straight arm lying pulls.The straight arm pulls are especially helpful for toning the back muscles and getting rid of unsightly bra bulge. You’ll do each exercise for 30 seconds each before heading into the next move, and then you’ll repeat the circuit again.

You’ll do all of these exercises back-to-back, with essentially no rest in between. Circuit style workouts like these help you get more done in less time, saving you time with your workouts and leaving you sweaty and accomplished. Lindsey will show you modifications for each exercise so people of all fitness levels can get a great workout done in just 10 minutes. If you liked this butt and back workout, try this 10 minute butt workout or our total body Definitions program for more strength training routines.

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