Shannon Tietz

GOLD Bodyweight + Bands 1

Shannon Tietz
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Duration:   34:12   mins

Join us for the next Get Healthy U TV workout, exclusive to those with GOLD membership. Trainer Shannon Tietz will take you through this fun strength and cardio workout using bodyweight exercises mixed in with some resistance band work. You’ll get your heart rate up with the cardio bursts and feel your muscles burn with strength. It will be all the things—fun, effective and motivating! Grab a long handled band and a mini loop band and join in on this workout session!

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Equipment: Long resistance band, mini band, mat
Instructor: Shannon Tietz


In order to view the Live Class, be sure to visit this page while logged in to your GOLD member account. Want to stream this workout to your TV? Here is how to do it.

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