Chris Freytag

Upper Body Resculpt

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   30  mins


This 30-minute workout is all about sculpting a stronger, more defined upper body. This upper body weight workout will strengthen your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and back while pushing you to your limits. The effectiveness of this workout comes from performing supersets–two exercises in a row for the same muscle group with little rest in-between. You’ll do these two exercises for the same muscle group two times in a row, then take a quick active recovery before moving on to the next focused area.

Follow along with Chris as she guides you through each move in this upper body weight workout. She’ll also provide motivation and modifications every step of the way; this leaves you to focus on your form and get the most out of each move.


Get down to business by strengthening your chest muscles first. You’ll begin with the king of upper body moves: the push-up! Then grab your dumbbells for chest-flys to complete your superset. After two sets of chest-flys you’ll move on to renegade rows and wide and high flys to strengthen your back. As you move through this upper body weight workout you’ll even discover some of the moves challenge your core as well.

Remember that this upper body weight workout is all about muscle fatigue–grab the heaviest set of dumbbells you can.


This intense 30-minute circuit workout will shape your entire upper body, creating strong yet lean, beautiful muscles of the chest, back and arms. Upper body strength is crucial not only for other workouts but for everyday activities.

No plyometrics in this upper body weight workout–just strictly strength moves that will build lean and sexy muscles.

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Medium Dumbbells, Step Platform or Stable Chair, Mat
Instructor: Chris Freytag

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