Chris Freytag

Shoulder Pain Relief Routine

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   13  mins

These shoulder pain relief exercises will improve your strength and mobility. They are great to do at home and they focus on range of motion and improving rotator cuff strength. There are a few exercises that use the mini band to help strengthen the muscles of the shoulder and those surrounding the shoulder.

This routine doesn’t require a lot of time, but is meant to be done consistently and will improve your strength and mobility. This is a therapeutic session with movements performed slowly and with control.

If you are suffering from any other joint limitations like back pain, this back pain relief routine may offer some benefits and improve your body’s overall mobility.

Looking for more advanced strengthening exercises? Check out this 10-Minute Chest and Shoulder Workout.

*If you have an injury or any limitations, consult your doctor prior to beginning any form of physical activity.

Level: All levels
Equipment: Mini band, chair
Instructor: Chris Freytag

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