Chris Freytag

Burn & Build - Cardio Drills - Strength

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   30  mins

Let’s burn some calories and build some strength while having a ton of fun! This Build & Burn Cardio Drills Strength workout gives you equal amounts of both cardio and strength plus tons of fun to keep your mind busy and make the workout fly by! Join trainers Leah Zahner, Sam Cameranesi and Chris Freytag as they bring all the energy for an amazing cardio and strength workout in just 30 minutes!

The first half of this workout is focused on simple but challenging cardio drills. These cardio drills are similar to those in a HIIT workout. They are dynamic, athletic moves to push you out of your comfort zone. Your heart rate goes up high, but only for a short time. You’ll catch your breath before the next drill begins. For each challenging cardio drill Leah and Sam will push you to your limit and Chris will give the low impact options in case you need to modify. Everyone can be part of this amazing plan! If you are short on time you could find 15 minutes in your day and just do the first half and you’ll feel awesome. No equipment needed!

The second half of the workout is all about strength. Grab your heavy weights and join along for some good, solid strength training. This 15-minute segment might seem short, but it is enough time for you to work your legs, chest, back and core. You WILL get it all done! And while you are always encouraged to use heavy weights for muscle fatigue, Leah reminds you to work at your own pace using lighter weights when needed.

So the next time you are ready for an awesome workout try these cardio drills and strength and get it all done! If you love it and want more like it, try our HIIT series of workouts!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Medium to Heavy Dumbbells, Mat
Instructor: Leah Zahner

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