Chris Freytag

GHUTV LIVE! New Habits, New Ideas and Better Health

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

BRING ON 2021! Join Chris Freytag and Sam Cameranesi for the next GHUTV LIVE Q&A on Thursday, January 14th at 1:30 p.m. CT. We are all ready for a brand new year. It’s the perfect time to discuss new habits, new ideas, and better health. Chris and Sam will also discuss our FIRST 2-day Virtual Get Healthy U TV Fitness Weekend. Let’s make this year better than the last!

Get your questions ready and join us!

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9 Responses to “GHUTV LIVE! New Habits, New Ideas and Better Health”


    I love these monthly live sessions!

    Had a tip for the person looking to see previews: If you’re using a modern browser (e.g. Chrome), just open an incognito window and cut and paste the URL. You’ll stay logged in in the normal window, but incognito windows don’t log you in until you log in in it.

  2. Susan Fiala

    I am a gold member and I get emails about videos or DVDs and calendars that I can purchase I’m just wanting to know are those different workouts than what I can find on get healthy UTD or are those the same ones that I can find

    • Customer Service

      Hello Kay,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      All our live events will be placed back on the site with in 24-48 hours for you to enjoy afterwards.

      If you have any other concerns, please contact us at 1-844-278-2050, or chat with us on our site.

      We greatly appreciate your business!


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  3. Janice Thomas

    How about a live workout at night or on the weekend for those who work during the day . Love the energy from a live workout. All of the trainers are awesome!

    • Customer Service

      Hi Janice. Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your comment to the proper department. We value your opinion, and it will help with the development of our online streaming community. We will continue to listen and work hard for your complete satisfaction.
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