Chris Freytag

10-Minute Bodyweight Workout

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   12  mins

It might be hard to believe you can really get a complete workout in 10 minutes, but this 10-minute bodyweight workout might finally convince you! Whether you travel for work, take time to visit relatives or spend time vacationing, you will find this simple but challenging tabata bodyweight workout perfect for doing on the road because you literally just need your body! This 10-minute bodyweight workout is simple enough to do right in your hotel room, the in-law’s basement or even your daughter’s dorm room. You could even try it barefoot if you find yourself without the right shoes!

However, don’t let the simplicity fool you. Simple moves can be extremely effective! The exercises in this challenging workout are super effective and will leave you with the assurance that you’ve gotten a complete body workout! In just 10 minutes Chris Freytag takes you through 6 exercises, doing each move 15 times. By the time you finish you’ll have completed over 200 exercises in only 10 minutes! Sounds crazy, right? So how does it work? Check this out:

After a short warm-up Chris takes you right into the 15 jump lunges. Immediately after that you’ll do 15 squat jumps, then skaters, push-up jacks, sit ups and tricep dips. That’s round one and you’ve finished 90 exercises by this point! Next up you repeat that same routine again bringing you to 180 exercises! Of course it would be silly to waste that last minute left so why not just seal the deal with a few burpees and side planks to complete 200 exercises in 10 minutes.

This 10 minute bodyweight workout truly works the entire body and uses the effectiveness of plyometrics to get both your strength and cardio all at once. Can’t jump? No worries. Chris always encourages low impact options for those who need it. You really need to give this workout a try! In addition our 10-minute total body stretch is the perfect follow-up to help loosen up those tight spots that might be left over! We have so many more 10-minute videos you will love at GHU TV so check those out too!

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