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Use our workout calendars to simplify your workout planning so you can stay focused on results.


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Fitness Blender Calendar

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or simply get in the best shape of your life, this 28-Day Fitness Blender Calendar is for you! Shake your hips to Cardio Groove or target your buns and abs with a 30-minute Butts and Guts workout. Tone your entire body with barre-style isometrics or get… Read more »

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Move Your Body Mashup Calendar

Welcome to Move Your Body Mash Up! This is your 28-Day calendar to get in shape and mix up your workouts with a variety of cardio, strength training, Pilates, yoga, interval training and more. With these heart-pumping workouts you’ll shed pounds, sculpt muscles, and get in the best shape of your life. The best part?… Read more »

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Fluid Strength Calendar

Your Fluid Strength 28-day calendar is all about building strength and sculpting a long, lean body through dance-inspired workouts, weight training, and yoga. It includes workouts from programs such as Barre Sculpt, Sweating Sexy, Definitions, and Yoga Flowetry. This well-rounded combination of workouts will help you sculpt a leaner, fitter body while having fun through… Read more »

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Body Chisel Calendar

Welcome to the 28-Day calendar that’s going to chisel your body into a stronger, healthier you! This workout calendar combines workouts from various programs such as HIIT, Raise Some Bell, Move To Lose, Bodyweight Fusion, and Metabolic Reboot. This combination of strength training and high intensity interval training gives you a month-long regimen that will… Read more »

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Bodyweight Fusion Calendar

Are you ready for an intense bodyweight workout routine that will work multiple muscle groups and help you build strength while burning calories? If so, this 28-day Bodyweight Fusion calendar is for you! It’s full of workouts from our Bodyweight Fusion program, as well as bodyweight workouts from some of our other popular programs, like… Read more »

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Bridal Bootcamp

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Bridal Bootcamp Calendar

Are you ready for Bridal Bootcamp? Whether it’s your own big day that’s fast-approaching or you’ll be walking down the aisle as a beautiful bridesmaid, everyone wants to look her best for a wedding. This 28-Day Calendar will help you shed pounds, tone your muscles, and feel your best. The best part? There’s no equipment… Read more »

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28-day high intensity interval training routine

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Metabolic Reboot Calendar

Are you ready to jump-start your metabolism and start burning calories while getting stronger? Then you’re ready for Metabolic Reboot! The more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you burn at rest, and these high intensity interval workouts were designed to both build that calorie-burning muscle and get your heart pumping with… Read more »

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Beginner's Calendar - logo

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Beginner’s Program Calendar

Are you looking to start a new fitness routine or get back into shape after taking a break from exercise? Our Beginner’s Calendar is filled with the perfect workouts to help you lose weight and get back into shape. Whether you haven’t exercised in years or just have some extra weight to lose, this beginner… Read more »

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Yoga Flowetry Calendar

Do you want to strengthen your body and center your mind? This 28-day calendar is just for you. Based around the Yoga Flowetry program, it also includes yoga workouts from the Move to Lose and Power 20 program, as well as a few Pilates workouts and a quick 10 minute Belly Blast to get your… Read more »

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Barre Workouts

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Barre Sculpt Calendar

Jump into this 28-day calendar to sculpt lean legs, toned arms, defined abs, and firm glutes. How? With these Barre-inspired workouts that blend ballet, Pilates, isometric holds and functional strength training to give you a heart-pumping workout and tone you head to toe. If you follow this calendar, you’ll start toning and sculpting with Move… Read more »

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Firm n Burn

Are you ready for a 28-day calendar to firm and burn your entire body? Our Firm and Burn calendar combines some of our most popular programs—everything from Pilates and yoga to circuit training and targeted workouts that define your abs, buns, and more. Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, Chris will provide… Read more »

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bootcamp workout routines for women

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Rock Your Body Bootcamp Calendar

Are you ready to transform your body? Then you’re ready for the Rock Your Body Bootcamp—the ultimate way to tone, define and strengthen your body from head-to-toe. If you’ve wanted to get in shape but haven’t known where to start, this is the straightforward way for you to start seeing results. Follow this 28-day calendar… Read more »

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Chris Freytag Ab Workout Routine

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Ultimate Abs Calendar

This fitness regimen will help you strengthen your core and sculpt lean, sexy abs before your very eyes. Using a combination of our HIIT, Power 20, Definitions, and Move to Lose series, you’ll experience everything from kickboxing to Pilates-inspired moves designed to target specific muscles in your abdomen. Stubborn belly fat can be the hardest to banish, but with this comprehensive workout plan you’ll be on your way to defining your abs and strengthening your core. Core strength is essential for just about every workout, as well as everyday activities.

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Total Body Transformation Calendar

This calendar combines our HIIT, Definitions, and Power 20 programs for a truly total-body fitness regimen that will sculpt and define your body from head to toe. It’s the perfect combination of cardio and strength training using circuits, intervals and kickboxing.

Workout your upper body with strength training moves that use both your own bodyweight and dumbbells or resistance bands; define a leaner lower body with moves like squats and lunges. Strengthen your core and sculpt lean, sexy abs with both our Belly Blast workout and Muffin Top Melter. Add in some recovery with the yoga workouts and this will be a transformative month! Chris will guide you through each intense workout to truly makeover your entire body.

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Walking workouts with Chris Freytag

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Walk & Tone Calendar

This calendar is a 28-day program that will lead you through the Walk and Tone series. Walk and Tone helps you walk off the weight, burn fat, and feel great. Walking is one of the best low-impact cardiovascular workouts you can do and these upbeat indoor walking workouts will help you burn calories and get strong all while having fun.

Walk and Tone is perfect for beginners or those wanting a moderate intensity, low-impact workout. This isn’t just a stroll around the block; two of the workouts are cardio only and two of the workouts add in strength training. Take indoor power-walking to a new level right in the comfort of your own home with each of our low-impact but upbeat workouts. Burn off fat, sculpt lean muscle, and gain confidence! Give it a try and take charge of your health today.

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28-day beginner workout routine for women

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Move to Lose Calendar

This calendar is a 28-day program that will lead you through the Move To Lose series. Move To Lose is all about building a solid base and teaching you good form while working your muscles and getting your heart rate up.

Whether you are just getting started with fitness or coming back after a break, Move to Lose will help you build strength and stamina while giving you more energy and confidence.

No one starts out an expert–allow yourself to be a beginner. This 28-day program will challenge you and help you get started on your journey to better health today.

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28-day HIIT workout routine

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HIIT Calendar

This calendar is a 28-day program that will lead you through the HIIT series. HIIT is all about building lean muscle while dropping fat. Jumpstart your metabolism and build muscle with these quick, effective 30-minute Tabata interval workouts.

Tabata-style workouts are comprised of 20 seconds of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of recovery. These workouts will get your heart rate pumping while sculpting your muscles. They are not for the faint of heart but modifications and form cues make the Tabata-style workouts doable for a range of fitness levels. Plus, we include vinyasa flow yoga to help you recover and get ready for your next HIIT workout!

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Strength training workouts with Chris Freytag

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Definitions Calendar

This calendar is a 28-day program that will lead you through the Definitions series. Definitions is a workout system all about strength training. No plyometrics—just serious weight training designed to challenge every part of your body and build metabolically-lean muscle. If you’re looking to change your body, muscle is key.

Sculpt and firm your muscles with each of our 30-minute workouts, each focusing on a different area: lower body, upper body, total body and core. No room for boredom here when you have a different program to do each day! So what are you waiting for? Grab a set of dumbbells and make today the day you start changing your body and your life. Strong is the new sexy!

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Intense Workouts At Home

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Power 20 Calendar

This calendar is a 28-day program that will lead you through the Power 20 series. Using a combination of strength training, core work, kickboxing and yoga, this system allows you to workout smarter, not longer.

A series of intervals and circuits that combine cardio drills, strength exercises and bodyweight moves, each Power 20 workout is intense and designed to whip your body into shape. Power up, sculpt your body, and become a more fit you!

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